Zina loves drawing and brings to life worlds of fun and satire!

Madam is a hard-working mother of three. She works hard all day giving Coussouma house-cleaning instructions or organizing breakfasts and dinners to cater for a variety of friends.

Coussouma diligently works for her employer: Madam. She helps in taking care of daily home chores and more! This is her 3rd year in Lebanon, and despite her initial arrival being quite an adventure, she quickly realized that her adventure has only just begun!

AnaBelle is beautiful, and she knows it. The problem is - she wants all the rest of the world to know it too. She is a fashionista to the bone - to the point that she wants to show-off skulls for their beauty!

Fonzy and Touf!
Two brothers, separated by 3 years of age, 30cm in height and 35kg in weight. Fonzy (Birth name "Fayez") is the younger (but taller) bro; he's a natural drummer, and appreciates school (not for studying but for using that time to listen to cool bands he *just* discovered such as Pink Floyd). Fonzy's elder (but shorter) brother Touf (Birth name "Toufic") is already at University (AUB) working on his Mechanical Engineering degree. When he's not studying, Touf is either playing soccer, or trying to impress Zina!

Bzz & Jardone!
Bzz has entreneurship flowing in his veins as much as there is splattered blood accumulated on fly swatters of "those who didn't make it". If he can't find clients, he creates opportunity at every turn, creating demand, inflating it, then bailing out of the industry before it crashes. Jardone has learnt much by watching Bzz do business and might be the apprentice that outperforms his master!

Not much can be said of Bomba. Mainly because she doesn't talk much and is very reserved. Those who aren't drawn in by her sexy looks, often wonder if she is some sort of spy..

M3allim holds several degrees from highly renowned universities including a law degree from Harvard and a PhD in Molecular Biology from MIT. Despite that, he has resolved to dropping his academic pursuit to enjoy the most basic pleasures in life such as bathing (occasionally) and having a morning coffee and cigarette on his balcony in his studio apartment in Gemmayzeh.

Zmik the Alien!
Zmik is not new to this planet. Actually, his family has been visting Earth regularly for their summer holidays since the galactic delta quadrant was relocated 4 light years ago. Zmik has a fondness for watching live rabbits cook in artificial orange juice - a specialty from his home planet called "Rabbit-gou" that the Earth's inhabitants have yet to appreciate. His favorite spot on Earth is behind the Barbar restaurant in the AUB neighbourhood in Beirut, Lebanon.