Wearable Art: Experimenting with drawing, pendants and resin (1/2)

3 Comments 01 July 2012

This weekend I went to Omer DeSerres and bought some do-it-yourself jewelry items.

I’m not a jewelry designer, but I love experimenting.

If you’re shy when it comes to staring a conversation, why not use your accessories to help initiate or direct a conversation?

Show what you love, in what you wear: I love my cats!
Talk about things that you like: Aliens!

Let’s see if this experiment works, the resin will dry in 24 hours.
Meanwhile watch out for Aliens! :)


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  1. Dany says:


  2. Il y avait un film que j’adorais regarder quand j’étais petit : For Love of the Game ! C’est l’histoire qu’un joueur de baseball qui est dans le tournant de sa vie. Il rencontre une femme et cette dernière lors du première rendez-vous lui dit: “ça serait plus facile de commencer une rencontre avec un écriteau comme : “J’aime discuter à propos des aliens”.” :-) )

  3. Mishka says:

    If Omar DeSerres knows what’s good for him, he will hire you to come up with a line!
    BTW- I love cats, too! Angel is spread out under the jasmine plant on my balcony as we speak.. she is narrowing her green eyes, and I think she is saying hello to you.
    Haven’t much to contribute on the subject of aliens tho’…
    but, wait, could Angel be……hmmm – there she goes narrowing her eyes again

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